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What to know about COVID-19 and ITD Services

While ITD is considered an essential critical infrastructure service, on-premise services have been limited to break/fix response at this time for the safety of our customers and workers. Remote services and remote consultations are still actively taking place as usual. We are also encouraging any small business to seek out a consultation if you are in need of remote operational guidance, or a network infrastructure evaluation to support secure remote operations and the resulting additional data payloads.

Looking for more information about scaling for remote operations? CompTIA has put together a detailed free checklist on how to prepare here.


Your time is invaluable, let a business dynamics specialist relieve your stress points so you can get back to doing what you do best.


“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Make technology and operational changes at a pace that you are comfortable with, and when you need them.


Clear goals and alignment with your company vision is key. Stay on point with open-facing project management geared for you.


Every project is different and unique to you. You will get competitive pricing that is specifically designed for small businesses.

Are you preparing your business for tomorrow?

It’s about finding the right fit for you.


Let’s face it, if you are not embracing the current trends in technology and information security now, then you are going to get left behind with an even harder uphill climb trying to catch up down the road.

As a small business owner trying to find the ‘right’ services and technology foundation to support your day-to-day operations is typically quite daunting. How do you get an unbiased opinion that you can trust when there are so many options? You are a small fish in a BIG pond of technology services, and all of those services want to be your perfect solution. The fact is, there is no ‘one’ solution that fits the bill for just any and all small businesses. Aligning with an industry expert is a vital key to ensure you are staged for success when making these choices. Your business is unique, and you need solutions that compliment your business the way you want it to.

Innovative Technology Design prides in getting to know your business from an inside perspective. By conducting personalized assessments and truly learning your operations and goals, ITD partners with you to implement and deliver solutions that will help your business grow in fluid alignment with your internal processes and vision.

How does ITD approach your business projects?

The building blocks for successful planning.


Defining a clear understanding of your current business state, and collectively painting a picture of the goals you are needing to achieve is an essential starting point. Every aspect of your business needs to be evaluated equally to ensure the “big picture” can be painted accurately.

Your Culture

This is the real key and difference maker to achieving the most successful adaptation of services, technology, and operational changes for your business. Not every service or technology platform is created equally. Becoming embedded in your company is the only way to truly understand the needs for your business as a whole.


A plan of action needs to be geared for your best interests and level of comfort. Creating clear focused options so that you can make intelligent business decisions is what drives the best strategic roadmap. Before a project can begin the vision has to be created.

Get the right technology and services stance to best serve your business needs.

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